Automated route planning

Professional tour planning is complex and time-consuming. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult to find qualified planners. Capacities and legal requirements must be taken into account in their entirety, as an isolated consideration of individual restrictions does not provide an optimal planning result. In addition, with access restrictions in urban areas, for example for diesel vehicles, many companies will soon face further challenges. New factors, such as the planning of routes for electric vehicles, must also be taken into account. In general, there is less and less time for high-quality planning.

Automated Route Planning by PROLOGA can take you a decisive step forward here: The automated route planning replaces the time-consuming manual planning and consistently optimises the planning scenarios for collection and delivery according to various aspects while observing the specified restrictions.

Based on the logistical orders and the information you provide, the automatic route planning system compiles the routes. Among other things, the following factors are taken into account:

  • available vehicles and crew
  • permitted load of the vehicles
  • geographical data (location of sites, waste disposal/production facilities and depots)
  • commercial data (personnel and vehicle costs incl. overtime surcharges, disposal costs)
  • logistical data (e.g. distance and travel time)
  • regulatory data (e.g. driving, rest and working times)

Using all the above data, Automated Route Planning by PROLOGA creates various route plans following a heuristic approach. Ultimately, the planner decides which is the best scenario for him. The digital map material provides maximum transparency of the calculated planning scenario.

Automated Route Planning by PROLOGA runs best on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) in a Kyma runtime container. Billing is based on usage per planned route. SAP® S/4HANA Cloud, private edition is recommended as the source system as the orders and the master data are taken directly from Planning & Dispatching for Industry Solutions by PROLOGA (inside SAP for Waste and Recycling, environmental services add-on by PROLOGA).


The modern web interface provides the user with all information on the status of the calculation and details on the optimised tours. With the integrated map, parking spaces, depots and disposal/production facilities can be visualised. The simple navigation between the different views makes the solution the ideal tool for your tour planning and optimisation with minimal effort.


Route planning is a central process in logistics. Automated Route Planning by PROLOGA is the ideal solution for this. The deep integration into the core processes of your company allows you to automatically assign your orders and optimally utilise your resources.


Reduce costs through minimal manual planning effort


Reduce costs by optimizing the use of your vehicles and employees


Opportunity for new business models (Internet of Things)



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