SAP S/4HANA Utilities extensions for meter-to-cash processes by PROLOGA

SAP Mobile On-Site Billing

SAP S/4HANA Utilities extensions for meter-to-cash processes by PROLOGA

Around the world, the frequency with which meter readings are taken by utilities varies greatly. The more frequent the readings, the more time-consuming and inefficient the processes between reading and sending the bill. In addition, long dispatch times directly affect the utility's cash flow, as the customer is only in possession of his bill late. SAP Mobile On-Site Billing solves this problem by completely replacing dispatch, thus also saving unnecessary shipping costs.

SAP Mobile On-Site Billing was developed specifically to address the challenges faced by electricity, gas and water utilities. As an extension of the SAP for Utilities solution, it can be integrated directly, especially when it comes to SAP S/4HANA. This minimises process interfaces and avoids transmission errors. 

With this extension for your SAP solution, you design your processes more effectively, increase the productivity of your staff and save costs.

Meter reading with SAP Mobile On-Site Billing runs automatically via Bluetooth, bus systems or other interfaces (optical or serial) or manually by the meter reader, if required. The data is sent directly to the SAP backend system on-site, allowing central monitoring and - if necessary - dispositive intervention during the entire process.

An outstanding functionality of our solution enables the complete billing process to be carried out directly at the end customer's premises. If there is a data connection between the mobile device and the SAP backend, the meter reading data is transmitted directly. Within a few seconds, the bill can be created and printed on site with the meter reader's mobile printer. Due to the simultaneous matching of the meter reading results, meter reading errors belong to the past. Discrepancies are immediately highlighted by these plausibility checks and can be directly recorded by photos or similar. During the next communication cycle with the SAP backend, these photos are saved with the meter reading results.

In addition, SAP Mobile On-Site Billing offers the possibility to perform on-site billing without a data connection to the SAP backend. The offline billing functionality uses the Real Time Mobile Billing Engine developed by PROLOGA to use data stored on the mobile device for on-site billing.

The Real Time Mobile Billing Engine from PROLOGA transfers the billing scheme directly from the SAP backend to the mobile device in the event of changes to the billing steps or the tariffs. Time-consuming adjustments in case of tariff changes are no longer necessary. This functionality makes SAP Mobile On-Site Billing unique and saves considerable effort in testing and maintenance. The consistent exchange of data throughout the day significantly reduces the system load caused by nightly batch processes for data transfer.




Efficient meter reading processes


Improved cash flow through immediate invoice delivery


Reduced costs for meter reading


Invoice printing on-site at the customer


Availability of meter reading data in near real time


Reduced administrative costs through simple system landscape


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