SAP S/4HANA for waste and recycling, environmental services add-on by PROLOGA

Holistic control of disposal processes thanks to seamless integration

Advance digitalisation in your company with the SAP industry solution for waste management and recycling. The seamless integration of specific waste management processes into all relevant areas of the company lays the foundation for further automation and is also relevant for the procurement of secondary raw materials.

Instead of working with a multitude of areas and systems that are not linked to each other (as is the case in many companies), a deep integration and digitalisation of processes is needed. Only then can crucial data be transparently available where it is needed. A uniform, integrated database is also indispensable for the automation of processes.

SAP for waste and recycling, environmental services add-on by PROLOGA delivers precisely this integration. Data from a wide range of business areas can be seamlessly linked. In addition to evaluations, it can also be used to automate processes.

Order Management

SAP S/4HANA for waste and recycling, environmental services add-on by PROLOGA now also offers a specific role for the circular economy in SAP's Interaction Center. Here, customer service staff have a direct view of the customer relationship and all relevant information at their fingertips. Quickly and easily can:

  • Identify customers 
  • Business partners, offers and contracts can be created and edited
  • Addresses, containers, cleaning objects and associated services can be created and edited
  • Orders are recorded and processed (e.g. container placement/change/pick-up, one-off or recurring disposal and cleaning orders
  • Bulky waste orders can be created and edited
  • All relevant information can be viewed (contact persons, contracts, orders, invoices, etc.)
  • Clarification cases are created and processed


These functionalities enable your customer service staff to react quickly and efficiently to customer requests and to record them. Through direct integration into SAP, the data is also immediately available for implementation (e.g. logistical planning and execution) without replication.

Logistical planning and implementation

Municipal Billing

The billing of municipal waste disposal fees is a particular challenge. Throughout the year, there are a large number of changes to the places where services are provided, which must be processed accurately and efficiently to ensure correct billing.

Thanks to the guided processes for creating or changing the place of service provision, the PROLOGA solution enables your employees to process changes quickly and easily via various apps (container change, move-in, move-out, relocation). These changes as well as additional logistical requirements (e.g. commissioning of additional emptying) automatically generate corresponding change notifications.

The corresponding notices at the beginning of the year, in the event of changes and at the end of the year as well as invoices can be created easily and efficiently. A simulation of billing documents is also possible. With the PROLOGA solution, different statutes and price adjustments can be displayed and processed in the same system.

This saves a significant amount of work, from the administration of bylaws and price changes to the processing of large numbers of changes to the places of service provision through automated follow-up processes to the creation of notices and invoices through direct integration in SAP S/4HANA with SAP SD.

Cleaning and winter services

In addition to the collection of materials, the solution also covers other fields of application. the relevant business processes can also be applied for street cleaning and winter services. In addition, the solution is also used by some of our customers for the cleaning of gullies, for example. For this purpose, the corresponding cleaning objects are created in the system as well as one-off or recurring orders. 

For route planning, you have both a district planning function for the long-term view (especially with many regular jobs) and a short-term planning function at your disposal. The actual deployment of employees, vehicles and other equipment can also be planned quickly and easily. The deep integration into the SAP Core functionalities also enables direct invoicing of the service provided based on corresponding feedback.

Material flow management

Various partners are involved in the disposal process who must prove the permissibility and environmental compatibility of the waste shipment and disposal. The key element here is the certificate of disposal: it represents the responsible declaration of the waste producer and contains the origin and composition of the waste, the acceptance declaration of the waste disposer and the confirmation of the authority responsible for the disposal facility. On an associated consignment note, the composition of the waste can also be documented on the basis of a declaration analysis, among other things.

The verification obligations of the individual parties generate an enormous amount of work. With SAP S/4HANA for waste and recycling, environmental services add-on by PROLOGA, you can manage the increasing complexity of the verification processes. Based on the detailed material flows and services, you are able to provide information to customers or authorities at any time.

The evaluation of the recorded information ensures complete transparency. By updating the operations and quantities to the corresponding disposal partners (and verifications), you receive a comprehensive set of figures for further use. The SAP solution also provides basic or legal requirements such as verification statistics and waste balances.

With the functionality of material inspection, it is possible to monitor and document incoming and outgoing material at a specific location in terms of quality as well as quantity. Based on the collected data, material samples can also be taken as soon as this becomes necessary due to official requirements or customer agreements.

Intelligent process integration

With the SAP application for waste management (SAP for waste and recycling, environmental services add-on by PROLOGA), you achieve deep integration from order-to-cash to planning and implementation of logistics to material flow management with all relevant areas of your company such as management, operations, sales, finance, human resources and field service.

  • Manage your orders efficiently and target-oriented
  • Plan orders from private, commercial or municipal customers with digital map material.
  • Track order status in real time via data transmission to the vehicles and react quickly to changes in customer requirements, weather, etc.
  • Automate processes such as at the scales and use the data directly for performance-based billing.
  • Comply with legal requirements by displaying key information and automate the creation of documents relevant to customers and authorities.
  • Seamlessly integrate your subcontractors' processes with those of your own company.


SAP applications for the waste management industry offer a comprehensive solution for the order-to-cash process including logistics and material flow management. The software offers company-wide transparency and control and helps both municipal and private waste management companies to work efficiently and keep an eye on costs.




Complete, integrated support for corporate processes


Cost reduction through digital processes in waste collection


Efficient order-to-cash process


High customer satisfaction


Integration of subcontractor processes

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