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Planning and Dispatching

Logistics planning is a central part of the order-to-cash process, where planners have to master complex tasks in the shortest possible time. To do this, they need powerful tools that not only provide the best possible overview of the orders to be completed and the available resources, but also automatically develop proposed solutions and evaluate planned tours in terms of their efficiency. The solution must not be limited to individual job types, but must make it possible to plan jobs from the most diverse areas of operation together.

Industry Solutions by PROLOGA: Planning and Dispatching addresses precisely these requirements and helps to carry out the time-consuming manual planning efficiently and semi-automatically.

The starting point for route planning are your orders, which can come from a wide variety of operational areas and even from different source systems. Since an order can consist of several partial actions (tasks) that do not necessarily have to be executed together, the first step is to divide the orders into tasks to be scheduled. Which tasks arise from a task is freely configurable and depends on your requirements in terms of granularity and simplicity.

The integrated automation function distributes and sorts these tasks to your vehicles according to predefined rules and thus creates an initial tour proposal. This saves time and in many cases can be adopted directly as a planning result.

If special features make complete automation impossible, the calculated tour suggestions can be used as a starting point for further manual refinement. In addition to various list views that provide you with all the information you need, the integrated map view offers full transparency over your planning.


The modern web interface provides the user with all information about the orders and tasks, the status of the automation and details about the tours. With the integrated map, stands, depots and loading or unloading points can be visualised. The simple navigation between the different views makes the solution the ideal tool for your route planning and optimisation.


Route planning is a central process in logistics. Industry Solutions by PROLOGA: Planning and Dispatching is the ideal solution for this. Thanks to the deep integration into your company's core processes, you can automatically allocate your orders and optimally utilise your resources.


Reduced costs thanks to optimised tours


Efficient planning of thousands of orders, grouped into tours


Reduced manual planning effort thanks to guided processes and minimisation of clicks


Full flexibility through platform for different sectors


Future-proof developed for the cloud platform

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