Die Bremer Stadtreinigung

Die Bremer Stadtreinigung

In January 2018, Die Bremer Stadtreinigung (DBS) was founded as a new municipal company in the city of Bremen. As a central point of contact in matters of waste management and urban cleanliness, the public-law waste disposal company takes care of waste disposal, street cleaning, landfills and winter services, among other things. The motto: Making Bremen livable.


11.000 customers
(commercial and industrial)


250 employees


400.000 municipal vehicles


265.000 Mg of waste collected


Waste disposal, street cleaning, winter service


  • Successor for core project ECC based on SAP S/4HANA incl. the PROLOGA add-on for the waste management industry (especially introduction of a fee solution)
  • High effort and costs due to many internal developments (e.g. customer management)
  • Compliance with increasing legal requirements
  • High effort due to necessary manual follow-up processes
  • Time-consuming project phase
  • Interdisciplinary complexity

Highlights of the solution

  • Project implemented almost entirely remotely with participation of various project participants, including PROLOGA, Sopra Steria, DBS
  • Duration 15 months
  • Fee billing based on the new S/4HANA standard introduced, replacing the previous individual solution
  • Fee accounting based on SD contracts
  • Mapping of municipal statutes
  • Automated processes for high-volume master data adjustments
  • Increased efficiency in processing large volumes of changes to places of service provision thanks to managed processes


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