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    Comprehensive legal documentation

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    Integrated management of storage areas, storage locations and storage bins

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    Visualisation and efficient control of input and output quantities

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    Digital incoming control

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    Integrated quality management for laboratory analyses (declaration analyses, etc.)

Holistic management of business operations is attainable through seamless integration

Drive digitalization in your company with the SAP industry solution for waste management and recycling. With the SAP application for waste management (SAP for waste and recycling, environmental services add-on by PROLOGA), you can achieve deep integration from order-to-cash through logistics planning and execution to material flow management with all relevant areas of your company such as management, operations, sales, finance, human resources and field service.

Instead of working with a multitude of unrelated areas and systems, as is the case in many companies, deep integration and digitization of processes is required. This is the only way to make critical data available transparently where it is needed. A single, integrated database is also essential for automating processes.

PROLOGA's SAP for Waste and Recycling, Environmental Services add-on provides exactly this integration. Data from different business areas can be seamlessly linked and used for reporting and process automation.

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Contract Management

Waste management services can be scheduled and carried out based on contracts. The contract comprises all necessary details for planning, executing, and invoicing waste management services. This encompasses data such as costs, waste types involved, container details, and service locations. Contracts are fully integrated into the downstream operational processes of the SAP industry solution. The design ensures automatic data flow across different stages of the end-to-end process.

PROLOGA's environmental services add-on for waste and recycling is a complete and integrated solution that works seamlessly with SAP's Sales and MM modules. The industry solution automatically receives the recorded contract data to process contract logistics in the form of orders and weighing slips.

Invoicing with SAP S/4HANA Sales is dependent on performance data captured during execution and the information documented in the contract. SAP S/4HANA Sales has the ability to handle intricate pricing requirements and automate billing procedures. The invoice run can produce both individual and collective invoices, allowing for direct billing of services as well as periodic collective billing.

The contract can be viewed through the document flow feature, which allows complete access to related documents, including orders, weigh slips and invoices.


The weighing scale plays a pivotal role in handling materials that enter and exit waste disposal and recycling facilities. It is crucial that weighing procedures are efficiently recorded and seamlessly integrated with the ERP system, enabling ease of inventory management, order confirmation, invoicing and generation of weighing printouts. To achieve this, the scale hardware is easily integrated with the SAP ERP system.

  • Efficient and secure communication between weighing scale and ERP
  • Quick and centralised data processing within the ERP system to facilitate processes up until invoicing
    • Direct booking of material flows in the system according to defined warehouse structure
    • Weighing with reference to contract or individual orders including checks for contract validity as well as customer blocks
    • Consideration of material splits for mixed deliveries and necessary weight corrections for container deductions
    • Weighing hazardous waste, ensuring its admissibility based on approved waste disposal certificates, and recording quantities on associated consignment bills for official reporting
    • Prepare necessary follow-up documents after the weighing process is complete
  • Avoidance of redundant data storage
  • Incorporation of electronic waste verification protocol
  • Documentation of weight processes and internal plant procedures (lean manufacturing) in the operational logbook
  • Fully digitalized processes through inclusion of mobile check-ins
  • Monitoring of customers via the yard list.
  • Possibility to connect to an external Document Management System (DMS) and incorporate signing devices


Invoicing using SAP S/4HANA Sales relies on performance data captured during execution and information recorded in the contract. The software can meet complex pricing requirements and automate the billing process. Individual and collective invoices can be generated during the invoice run, allowing for direct billing of services or periodic collective billing.

The document flow feature provides a contract overview, including related documents such as orders, weighing slips, and invoices.

Legal documentation and material flow management

Several partners participate in the waste disposal process and must demonstrate that the waste shipment and disposal are environmentally sound and permissible. The primary element is the disposal certificate which serves as the responsible declaration of the waste producer and includes information on the waste's origin, composition, acceptance declaration from the disposal company, and confirmation from the authority responsible for the disposal facility. On an accompanying shipment bill, the waste composition can be recorded using a declaration analysis, among other methods.

The verification responsibilities of each party result in a significant amount of work. SAP S/4HANA for Waste and Recycling, environmental services add-on by PROLOGA, allows you to handle the growing intricacies of verification procedures. Based on the detailed mapping of material flows and services, you can provide customers or authorities with information at any time.

The evaluation of this data ensures complete transparency. Updating the processes and quantities provided to corresponding disposal partners and verification procedures yields a comprehensive set of figures that can be utilized further. Additionally, the SAP solution ensures compliance with basic or legal requirements, including verification statistics and waste balances.

Intelligent Process Integration

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The material inspection function enables the monitoring and documentation of both quality and quantity of material inputs and outputs at the plant. Collected data can be utilized for taking material samples when necessary, due to customer agreements or official requirements.

The SAP solution covers all essential inventory management processes. Besides the general inventory management of collected materials, specific material requirements can be planned and documented in preparation for future sales or production processes. The scale module ensures that all data is up to date.

Schedule appointments for inspecting and servicing vehicles, and containers ranging from routine checks to predictive maintenance. The industry solution's operational logistics planning automatically incorporates information on vehicle availability from this module.

Additionally, the SAP solution provides comprehensive transparency for managing your container inventory, including which container belongs to which business partner. A history can be obtained at the container type level or even at the individual container level using the container ID number.

Support your employees wherever and however they work with SAP solutions for core HR functions, payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, and HR service delivery. The industry solution's operational logistics planning automatically utilizes employees' availability information from this module for streamlined processes.

The SAP solution offers thorough production planning and control for recycling collected materials as secondary raw materials and using them as input for processing or production.

A complete SAP controlling solution is also integrated directly to provide all necessary operational data and information. This ensures reports, statistics, and analyses remain current with direct access to data from business operations.

In today's world, it is not uncommon to interact with your customers through multiple channels. With our solution, your employees always have all the important information about a customer in one place and can thus react quickly and appropriately to customer enquiries at any time. Customer orders received via integrated web portals can be fully integrated into your operational processes via workflows.

Dispatch transport and collective orders to your own vehicles or fleets of subcontractors simply by drag & drop. Especially in time-critical situations during the course of the day (urgent ad-hoc orders, accidents, traffic jams, etc.), the SAP industry solution supports your planners with guided processes to find the quickest and most optimal solution even for complex scenarios.

In addition, we offer the possibility to integrate mobile devices of the drivers or on-board computers of the vehicles into the SAP back-office solution. This enables communication and data collection in real time and contributes decisively to making your fleet utilisation more efficient and your costs more transparent.

SAP's technology allows seamless integration of IoT data. For instance, data gathered from fill level sensors can be directly interfaced with SAP's industry solution, automating order management and logistics planning. This approach is ideal for complex requirements as it reduces manual effort while enhancing efficiency.


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