Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management by PROLOGA accelerates the development and launch of mobile applications. Mobile Content Management by PROLOGA is your way to fast and lean mobile projects. Access your backend system and adapt your middleware in one step. Eliminate interfaces by using one repository to create all relevant layers for your application.

One Platform for All!

The necessary interfaces and a seamless integration into the SAP Mobile Platform are provided for typical processes of a utility company. Sample applications illustrate how these interfaces can be used and serve as starting point for creating requirements specifications or for your own developments. The Order Execution Cockpit enhances the SAP System by mapping typical requirements resulting from the mobilization of your employees and processes.

You want to learn more about Mobile Content Management? Watch “Enterprise App for ERP and SUP in 5 Minutes by PROLOGA” and see how easy it can be to develop your own Apps without having an SAP expert at hand.